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The Mc Rib Sandwich | A study of delicious tasting chemicals

  We all realize we shouldn’t eat this stuff… and I recommed staying away from it,  for what I think are obvious reasons Yet… the truth is, people are going … Continue reading

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Why Most Published Research Findings Are False

Original Article written by John P. A. Ioannidis Copyright : © 2005 John P. A. Ioannidis. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution … Continue reading

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Systems Biology: Studying the World‘s Most Complex Dynamic Systems

By Ricardo Paxson, MathWorks and Kristen Zannella, MathWorks   From medicine and environmental science to alternative fuel technology and agriculture, systems biologists are literally changing the world. By studying the … Continue reading

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Neuroscientist Shows What Fasting Does To Your Brain & Why Big Pharma Won’t Study It

Wow… ! What an opportunity to rebuild your body by leaving your plate empty for a few meals a week.

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Stay Healthy … Tis The Season!

I’ve been spending copious amounts of time getting the metabolic healing course (Beating Neuropathy)  together to launch in January…with, sadly, no time left to enjoy connecting with you all.  … … Continue reading

December 5, 2015
C Katt Krespach, NTP

C Katt Krespach, NTP

C Katt Krespach, NTP is a nutritional therapist and long time activist with a passion for healing arts and social entrepreneurship, …working in both areas for over a quarter of a century. Her site has a worldwide following. is her newest project and coaches brick-and-morter business owners into global social entrepreneurship. She is an author, public speaker, and entrepreneur. You can get Katt’s free edible flowers e-book here and also watch a short documentary on how she overcame neuropathy, significant weight gain, and more with easy, natural and healing mindsets. Follow Katt on Facebook, Wordpress, Twitter, and Instagram.

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