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Losing Weight | The Reality… Not The Norm

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Everything that makes up your body is made of cells … you have billions of them!

Everything from your outside to your inside is made up of these little wonderous universes we call cells.  So…  it’s a good idea to learn what you need to eat so they function like the well oiled molecular energy factories they are.

Western Medicine’s Idea Of Eating

The strategy most dieticians use for weight-loss purposes (counting calories) simply doesn’t work.  And too often the people who struggle the most are the ones suffering from metabolic issues like diabetes and neuropathy.  The medical world simply doesn’t understand the process of eating to feed your cells what they need to function correctly.

Highschool biology class taught us:

1. our body uses basic raw metabolic material (proteins, amino acids, minerals, vitamins) to make cellular energy. ATP = Cell Energy (still awake?)

2. and you should eat food that has this raw metabolic material

I think it’s probably obvious to you, most adults and almost all kids eat what tastes good.

Here’s the secret the dieticians don’t tell you … probably because they haven’t been taught: Your body is a metabolic energy factory and WILL SHUT DOWN in starvation mode if you don’t feed it the raw metabolic material it needs to survive and function properly.

Losing Weight | Calorie Counting is to Die by Dieting

Image result for calories do not equal nutritionMany dieticians use calculators to estimate calorie intake. For about 70 years they have been teaching us that to lose weight, our activity should be higher than our calorie intake.

This makes no sense to me! For example – eating 2000 calories of useless metabolic material is going to leave your cells with no raw metaboic material to use.

And without the raw metabolic material they need, you are starving your cells to their literal death!

Metabolic Shut Down

Image result for cellular starvation diabetesWhen your cells are depleated and starving of raw metabolic material, it signals your homones to activate a digestion process that shuts down the ATP process and changes a big chunk of that potential ATP into stored energy instead.

Your hormones tell your natural digestion to slow down the digestive juices and to hold onto any raw metabolic material it comes across..

Your body stores this potential energy in fat cells by tucking them away in pockets of jelly rolls and cellulite.

This process of slow digestion and storage is called Metabolic Starvation.

Toxins and Fat Storage

Image result for food and fat lossFat storage also happens when you eat chemicals that can’t be used by your body.

Food dyes, chemical flavors, wax, glitter, petroleum, and preservatives are chemical-substances and hold ZERO amounts of raw metabolic material.

So, … if it isn’t usuable material, and your elimination pathways to get rid of the substance are slow or non-functional (like slow digestion from metabolic starvation), your body will surround the chemical-substance in a layer of fat and store it far away from your major organs to avoid potential organ damage.

Reversing Metabolic Shut-Down

The first step is to give your body what it needs.  I suggest an 80/20 raw/cooked meal… at least one 80/20 meal a day will make a great impression on feeding your cells. Again… cells use raw metabolic material.  Stop thinking in “calories”. Start thinking in terms of “dense nutrition and raw metabolic material”.

Image result for food and fat lossAnother great step is to drink lots of water.

Hydrogen and Oygen are used in the process called Krebs cycle – which is how raw metabolic material is made into cell energy. This is by far the most central activity of cell metabolism.

Drink, drink, drink … and when you think you’ve drank a lot, drink some more.

A good rule of thumb is to drink 1/2 of your body weight in ounces a day to stay hydrated. There are some caveats to this advice.  Mostly I’d say it’s best to add a few more glasses each day – to restore hydrogren and oxygen molecules used metabolizing any coffee, tea, or juice you may drink.

Post your comments and let me know about your struggles and successes with food.  I’m hoping this opens up a great community conversation about how we can take action to create a body that can heal itself.

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2 comments on “Losing Weight | The Reality… Not The Norm

  1. jncthedc
    June 20, 2015

    A calorie is definitely NOT a calorie. We simplify weight loss to sell our services or products frequently. The reality is, people must learn what they are consuming otherwise they will never know how to make adjustments when falling short of goals. We don’t have to go so far as explaining the various steps of the Kreb Cycle, however, understanding macro nurtrients and learning what provides essential vitamins and minerals is achievable. For those who are serious about weight loss and/or improving their health this is the reality.
    Great article as usual.


    • C Katt Krespach, NTP
      June 22, 2015

      So often, people join the main-stream dieting fad and damage their digestion and metabolism further with all of the hyped up nonsense. Again… the mantra “give the body what it needs, and get out of it’s way” is a great way to lose weight, keep it off, and build a healthy body/mind/emotional foundation. Thanks for weighing in on this important subject. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

      Liked by 1 person

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