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Year-round gardening: Add some chocolate to your garden

Today is Chocolate Day!!  For those of us who value the qualities of Chocolate, I had 2 articles about growing chocolate come through my clicks and web searching so I thought I’d pass along the goodness – and then head over to my local coffee brewer for some mocha!

1st,Click the picture to the above if you want to view a video about actually growing chocolate in Hawaii.  Chocolate – and Hawaii…. someone has an excellent job!

2nd, Below is a really awesome idea! Grow a chocolate themed garden … full of plants that taste like chocolate, are colored chocolate, or have chocolate in the name.

Image result for chocolate themed garden

Having a theme in mind when selecting plants for a garden provides unity and expresses individuality.

Themed gardening is not new. I have read many articles that offer specifics on various themes. For instance, a butterfly garden would have scented, brightly colored flowers, and a white garden would be planted in shade with very few colors, perhaps only green and white.

Last year I grew chocolate mint (Mentha piperita) for the first time. The mint grew well and provided a Image result for growing chocolate mintrequired ingredient for chocolate mint mojitos and nojitos (nonalcoholic mojito). While reading this winter, I found an article that suggested using chocolate mint in a chocolate-themed garden.

Plants used in a chocolate-themed garden would boast a chocolate scent, a chocolate color, taste like chocolate or have “chocolate” in the name. Here’s a short description of plants you might consider using in a chocolate-themed garden.

Chocolate flower (Berlandiera lyrata). The plant has a chocolate scent and daisy-shaped yellow flowers. It is a southeastern Colorado native and Plant Select offering.

Image result for growing chocolate mintChocolate mint (Mentha piperita). The plant has a slightly chocolate taste and scent. Mints are easy to grow, but are invasive. Consider growing mint in a container.

Image result for sweet hot chocolate daylily“Sweet Hot Chocolate” daylily (Hemerocallis). In general, daylillies are easy to grow. This variety has a lovely chocolate-colored flower.

“Chocolate Sundae” (dahlia). The flowers are dark maroon with a slight chocolate scent. In this region, dahlias generally are classified as an annual unless tubers are removed and stored during winter months.

Image result for Dark Chocolate" coleus (Solenostemon scutellarioides)“Dark Chocolate” coleus (Solenostemon scutellariodes). The foliage is chocolate-colored and will become darker when grown in partial shade.

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