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Have Spring Allergies? Here is Your Garden Growing Remedy…

Image result for allergies An estimated 40 percent of the population in America is sensitive to environmental allergens that trigger an over reactive immune system response to pollen, molds, dust and mites. The causes and cures for allergies vary widely, as do the herbs that will work best for each individual. Want help setting up your own herbal remedy garden?

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Home Remedies for allergies:  The best known kitchen remedy for allergies is always going to be plain WATER.  Most allergy reactions can be avoided if you’re really hydrated. But if water’s just not your thing… another remedy for congestion may be garlic and onions. These members of the allium family have long been used to treat bronchitis, allergies and asthma by helping to open the lungs and ease breathing.

The ingredients responsible include mustard oils and quercetin. Grated, fresh horseradish is pungent source of mustard oil, and may be one of the fastest ways to clear congested sinuses. Common herbal remedies such as stinging nettle , ginkgo biloba, and reishi can be used to ease allergies. Ginkgo is a natural antihistamine and contains a dozen different anti-inflammatory chemicals Other herbs that act as natural antihistamines and help to alleviate allergy symptoms are reishi and stinging nettle .

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Rosemary’s essential oils can block the airway constriction induced by histamine, the chemical culprit of both asthma and allergies. Congestion in the airways is a common symptom of an allergy attack. The simple act of drinking a cup of Peppermint herbal tea has the immediate effect of easing the breath. Itchy, water eyes are soothed by using herbal eye rinses that reduce inflammation. Use eyebright herb as an eyewash or poultice to relieve inflammation caused by colds, sinus infections and allergies.




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C Katt Krespach, NTP

C Katt Krespach, NTP

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