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Growing Eucalyptus: An indoor tree you can grow for your health

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Eucalyptus tree first came to Europe in 1850 and has since spread to many parts of the world. The leaves are known to contain a medicinal oil which is at the same time both a disinfectant and an expectorant. It is often used in cough medicines and throat pastilles, as well as salves and liniments to relieve arthritic and muscular pains. (non edible)

The common eucalyptus oil comes from the lemon eucalyptus.

  • Common Names
  • Eucalyptus , Eucalyptus
  • Botanical Name
  • Eucalyptus globulus
  • Family


Growing Eucalyptus – Gardening Basics

bupleurum seedling

Eucs can be grown as potted plants or tub plants, although they generally do not make good long-term pot subjects. They grow so fast that they can outgrow their pots and become leggy very quickly. The larger the pot is, the longer the euc will last – I suggest using at least a 10 – 12 gallon pot, or better yet, a half-whiskey-barrel. Once the euc gets too large for its pot, it ought to be discarded rather than planted in the ground, because of the problems associated with planting large or potbound eucs as mentioned elsewhere on the page (see Eucalyptus growth rate and the importance of planting small). Therefore it is important to decide very early on whether you wish to grow your euc as a permanently potted plant or a permanent landscape subject, rather than changing your mind after it is too late.

If you intend to keep your euc permanently as a potted plant, you need not be so choosy as to what to look for when selecting one. Even if the euc is slightly overgrown or rootbound, it does not matter so much since you do not need it to be extremely vigorous. If you want it to last as long as possible, I would suggest using a smaller species such as E. vernicosa, E. kybeanensis or E. gregsoniana.

Eucs demand a great deal of light when grown indoors – even as outdoor plants, very few of them will tolerate shade (see Choosing a Eucalyptus for your site and climate). This can make them difficult to accomodate indoors, especially over the winter in cool rainy climates. They should be placed in the brightest possible place, such as a sunny south-facing (or north-facing, in the Southern Hemisphere) window. (A sunroom or greenhouse is even better.) Potted eucs can also be moved indoors for the winter and moved back outside for the summer (which is convenient in climates too cold to grow them outdoors permanently). However if they are moved from a bright shady spot into full sun, the leaves will scorch just like any other plant.


Important Growing Information:

DAYS TO GERMINATION:best to purchase as a plant and avoid seed



SOIL REQUIREMENTS: Moist but not wet




Flower Arrangements

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A classic filler for bouquets.

Erect plants produce 2 1/2″ yellow-lime green flowers atop long, wiry stems. Excellent for mixed bouquets and makes a unique dried flower. Also known as thoroughwax and hare’s ear. Ht. 24-36″.


Medicinal Uses & Benefits of EucalyptusImage result for eucalyptus medicine

  • Medicinal Uses: * Allergies * Aromatherapy * Arthritis * Bronchitis * Burns * Colds * Congestion * Cuts & Wounds * Facial Care * Flu * Herbal Steam * Herbal Teas * Herpes/Cold Sores * Insect Repellent * Lice * Lupus * Nerve/Back Pain * Pain Relief * Rheumatoid_arthritis * Sinus * Sore Throat
  • Properties: * Analgesic * Anodyne * Antibacterial * AntiCancer * Antirheumatic * Antispasmodic * AntiViral * Aromatic * Astringent * Bitter * Cicatrisant * Depurative * Diuretic * Expectorant * Febrifuge * Hypoglycemic * Insect repellents * Refrigerant * Rubefacient * Vulnerary
  • Parts Used: Leaves, oil
  • Constituents: oil comprising 70% cineole, pinenes, sesquiterpene alcohols, aromadendrene, cuminaldehyde

How to Use: Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus opens the lungs and encourages breathing, clears clogged nasal passages and bronchial congestion making eucalyptus one of the best known cold remedies. Eucalyptol, one of its main constituents, is found in many over-the-counter cough drops. Eucalyptus oil is also a good pain reliever for sore muscles and arthritis pain. The Commission E has approved the internal use of eucalyptus oil for catarrhs of the respiratory tract and its external use for rheumatic complaints.

Preparation Methods & Dosage :Eucalyptus leaves can be taken in tea, or used in steam inhalations. Eucalyptus leaf tea is a simple way to use the antiseptic, cooling and expectorant properties of eucalyptus to treat colds and coughs. While you sip the tea, relax, breathe and inhale the steam rising from the cup. Eucalyptus essential oil is invigorating in massage oils, aroma lamps, and in herbal baths.


This information in our Herbal Reference Guide is intended only as a general reference for further exploration, and is not a replacement for professional health advice. This content does not provide dosage information, format recommendations, toxicity levels, or possible interactions with prescription drugs. Accordingly, this information should be used only under the direct supervision of a qualified health practitioner.

Eucalyptus : Essential Oil Profile (lemon eucalyptus)

Image result for eucalyptus medicineEucalyptus essential oil has a very penetrating woody camphor aroma that immediately freshens the air. The oil is steam distilled from the leaves and twigs of the Eucalyptus plant. Oil of lemon eucalyptus Eucalyptus citriodoraprovides provides protection against mosquito bites, according to the CDC.

Eucalyptus Side Effects: Eucalyptus preparations should not be applied to the face, especially the nose, of infants and young children. Avoid use in infants. Undiluted eucalyptus oil is toxic if taken internally.

Additional Resources

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