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The Brain-Gut Connection for Mental Well-being

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Have you ever wondered the reason behind feeling butterflies in your stomach? Or that sinking premonition feeling around your stomach when something unexpected happens? Several studies over the years have established the fact that the condition of the gut influences one’s mental health.

Human body consists of two brains. One is located in our head and the second one – in our guts.  Vagus Nerve, longest of all the cranial nerves, connects both these nervous system. Chemicals (hormones, neurotransmitters) that control the brain in the head are found in the gut brain as well. Due to this linkage between the brain and gut, researchers have concluded that a healthy gut helps in maintaining good mental and emotional health.

According to studies, presence or absence of gut microbiota affects the development of behaviour that causes neurochemical changes in the brain. Gut microbiota execute the communication-function with the brain. Their presence or absence influences the central nervous system and it’s behaviour.

Additionally, about 70% of the cells that make up the body’s immune system is found in the gut. Therefore, it is highly advisable to keep your gut in check.

1) Include “prebiotics” in your diet each day. Prebiotics are hard to digest carbohydrates that increase the number of gut bacteria in your intestine. Like yoghurt, raw oats, garlic, onions, bananas, unrefined wheat and barley etc.

2) Don’t skip breakfast. When you wake up in the morning, your blood sugar level is low due to which you feel lethargic and lazy. To boost up your energy, have breakfast daily. Messing up with your sugar level is messing up with your body and mind energy.

3) Lack of variety in the diet means lack of variety in our gut bacteria. Work on having a wholesome nutritious meal.

4) Avoid acidic foods. Keep a check on your coffee and alcohol consumption.

5) Eat fruits. Fruits are the best source of enzymes and vitamins.

6) Several herbs like Cinnamon, cardamom, coriander etc come handy in feeding the good bacteria in the gut. They also eradicate the presence of unfriendly bacteria in your gut.

7) Decrease the level of stress hormones. Indulge in activities that you enjoy, sing, draw, dance.

8) Yoga and meditation are excellent ways to relax. Working out regularly boosts the presence of healthy hormones required for maintaining a healthy mind. It turns out they keep the gut happy too.

9) Keep your body and mind energy balanced by having several small meals throughout the day. A good metabolism is the key to excellent fitness of the being.

10) Keep a check on your digestion system. Have lots of water. Dehydration lead to several problems. Sources Gut feelings: the future of psychiatry may be inside your stomach

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C Katt Krespach, NTP

C Katt Krespach, NTP

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